Child's Play

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Once Charles Lee Ray was addicted to magical rituals related to voodoo magic. On top of that, he was a serial maniac who ruined more than a dozen souls. One day he fell into a trap set up by experienced detective Mike Norris. The latter tried to hide in a toy store, hiding in the room. A police officer discovered him and opened fire, resulting in a criminal who was seriously injured. Before his death, the killer managed to move his soul to the nearest object. Soon the mother, raising his son Andy alone, gives him a dream doll. However, the woman does not suspect that something ominous is hidden in the plastic gut. Later it turns out that the boy gets more than a regular toy. The soul of a murderer from the past, nicknamed Chucky, who entered it, falls into an ordinary American family and, without wasting time, begins to commit its bloody atrocities. Only the little protagonist accidentally realizes terrible things when he becomes an unwitting witness to a cruel reprisal of his own nanny. A small town is covered in a wave of brutal and bloody murders. Yet the real madness begins after one incident, when the spirit of a maniac is going to move into the chosen living person. Other films: Love at Second SightThe ProfessorThe Sharks.  Enjoy watching Child's Play online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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