Love at Second Sight

7.4 IMDb
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Countries:France, Belgium

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One day there are two loneliness - a nice guy and a cheerful, beautiful girl. They were eighteen years old when a serious feeling arose between them. From this moment on, the characters do not part and start experiencing all the hardships and joys together. First, the couple decides not to acquire offspring, until they stand firmly on their feet and there is no own housing. In the future, the young man becomes a famous writer and begins to receive large fees. The spouse, on the contrary, most often is engaged in housekeeping. Gradually, the young lady is more and more accustomed to the idea that it is time for her to break the marriage bond and live separately. Suddenly, the protagonist somehow falls into a parallel dimension, where he has not met his only beloved. Here he is a loser and teaches at a local school, and she is a famous musician, and is about to marry a rich producer. A man is trying to bring back his past life, and for this he needs to win his heart again. At the first acquaintance and intimacy, he realizes that he behaved like a real egoist. In reality, he lets go of his wife and considers this a chance to be reunited with her again. The ProfessorThe SharksAnnabelle Comes Home.  Enjoy watching Love at Second Sight online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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