The Professor

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Genres:Comedy, Drama
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When the dreamy adolescence of any person ends, it passes into the adult period of life. Now the person loses almost all the urgency and immediacy of the test feelings inherent in youth. Daily existence is like a vicious circle - from home to work and back, and the emotional reaction to current events in society is dulled. Of course, people sometimes have to deliberately hide their feelings and make a friendly expression on their face. In another case, the truth can lead to quarrels with others. Once tired and forever sour college professor Richard unexpectedly breaks all existing rules. The doctors put a fatal diagnosis to a respected teacher and, one might even say, called the date of his death. A man begins to think about the near future: whether he wants to spend the last days just as he used to. In the future, he decides not to pretend to be real - sharp in the language of a colleague and a sensitive mentor who can express his opinion without hesitation even to high-ranking individuals. The protagonist rushes to the grave: drinks and smokes, flirts with young students and teachers, begins to smack with anyone who does not like him. However, can he understand the meaning of his existence? Other films:The SharksAnnabelle Comes HomeA Dog's Journey. Enjoy watching The Professor online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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