The Sharks

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Countries:Uruguay, Argentina, Spain

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People constantly experienced fear of animal world representatives that appeared more than 450 years ago. Particular horror arises before the bloodthirsty monster of the underwater kingdom - the shark. However, the latter never attack without provocation in their direction. In one of the poorest countries in the South American coast, Uruguay, local fishermen fish for various kinds of fish and sea reptiles. One of those is the poor young boy Jocelo. It is he who is the subject of dreams of a pretty girl Rosina, who lives in a small settlement on the coast. The hot and passionate blood of a young lady makes her dream of a noble and beautiful elect, ready to please her in all whims. In addition to the fishing catch, the young man receives an additional income from random earnings. At the same time, he promises his parents sometime to repair the old boat and the old house. The girl secretly watches the potential bridegroom, much older than her, and is waiting for the age of marriage. However, the fisherman does not take seriously the attention of an innocent girl and prevents all possible contacts with her. Yet the heroine is not going to retreat and wants to win the favor of her beloved man. Other films: Annabelle Comes HomeA Dog's JourneyNekrotronic.  Enjoy watching The Sharks online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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