The Kid

6.4 IMDb
$ 8 000 000 Budget
Genres:Biography, Drama, Western
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Life in the Wild West is quite dangerous. Not one day, not complete without any crime. The authorities have to struggle with the local criminals. Since childhood, the existence of a young boy, has developed not the best way. At an early age, Billy was destined to watch as the attackers brutally murdered his parents, and his only sister was taken prisoner. From that moment on, by all means, the boy promised to find his little sister and rightly punish the bandits. Growing up, Bill realized that he alone could not cope with numerous villains. He needs to find one who would agree to help him in his deeds. Rumors about the most famous criminal and the best shooter in the Wild West, Little Kid, are beginning to circulate in the vicinity. The local sheriff Pat Garrett, has long been hunting for this person and now that he was nearby, the law enforcement agency would never miss a chance to catch and lift the enemy's gallows. By the will of fate, the roads of Bill and Kid intersect. Aspiring to avenge the young man’s relatives, he asks the gangster for help. Inflamed with bitterness and sadness, the shooter agrees to extend a helping hand to the desperate teenager. Other films: It: Chapter TwoGisaengchungAnna. Enjoy watching The Kid online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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