$ 30 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Thriller
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Actors: Sasha LussHelen MirrenLuke Evans. A young girl lives in a big city, where you can easily get lost in the crowd. Such a situation, just suits Anna. She does not like to be visible, trying to stay in the shade. The life of a modest person proceeds boringly, without bringing much diversity. A lonely person, in the depths of his soul, envies his peers, who have long had families and live happily. Despite everything, the lady believes that the time will come and she will meet the one and only prince. Since childhood, the representative of the weaker sex faced a lot of problems. The strong-willed person never gave up and independently overcome any difficulties. Due to this, the person has a strong character. Once, by the will of fate, Anna finds herself in an unpleasant situation that drastically changes her previous existence. Not willingly, the girl turns out to be a witness to a showdown. From this moment on, she becomes the object of persecution, because dangerous criminals do not need extra witnesses. Caught in mortal danger, the lady in any way tries to escape from intruders. But the harder she tries, the more she approaches her own doom. It soon becomes clear that she herself is unable to solve the bottom problem. The victim of the situation urgently needs someone who can protect her at any moment. Other films: The Green Book: Guide to FreedomAmundsenAladdin

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