Blood Fest

5.3 IMDb
$ 1 200 000 Budget
Genres:Comedy, Horror
10 Votes

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The teenager Dax has a deep trauma from his childhood since his mother was murdered by a maniac in the Halloween and his father, the psychiatrist Dr. Conway, killed the man in their house. Dax is a lover of horror films and has bought the ticket for the Blood Fest Festival with his friends Sam and Krill that also love the genre. However, his father finds and destroys the ticket and Dax calls his friend, the wannabe actress Ashley (Barbara Dunkelman) that helps him to cross the gate of the festival field. When the festival begins, Dax, Sam, and Krill learn that people are really killed by the maniacs and the gore is not fake. Now they need to find a way out of the festival to survive.

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