5.7 IMDb
$ 4 000 000 Budget
Countries:Ireland, UK
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1916 and fire-brand Father EOIN O'DONNELL is convinced that only violence will force Britain out of Ireland. He influences young, impressionable, ANTAINE to fight in the Easter Rising. Fifty years on, experienced gunman Antaine arrives in Derry where Eoin was sent in PENANCE in 1916, and rekindles Eoin's guilt about his influence over Antaine while a boy: especially as it's echoed in Antaine's dark influence over his congregation especially altar boy, FEIDHLIM Eoin now abhors violence and tries to persuade Antaine to negotiate. Failing, he realizes the only way to break the cycle of violence and revenge is to undermine Feidhlim's belief in Antaine as a hero. And for that he must sacrifice himself. Eoin informs on Antaine. As he struggles with this betrayal he says Mass: perhaps his own Last Rights. As Feidhlim enters the Church, history comes full circle.

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