RoboCop 2

5.8 IMDb
$ 35 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Writers:, ,
14 Votes

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With Omni Consumer Products (OCP) on the verge of finally owning Detroit, its attempts to duplicate the Robocop process fail (with homicidal and suicidal results). Dr. Faxx, newly appointed head of the Robocop project, believes in using dead drug addicts rather than dead cops for their next cyborg and screens for the right subject. Meanwhile, Nuke, the most addictive illegal drug ever to hit the streets, proliferates thanks to the delusionally messianic Cain and his ruthless followers. Run-ins between Robocop/Murphy and Cain leave Murphy dismantled and Cain dead. Whereas Faxx takes the opportunity to undermine Murphy's programming by instilling a plethora of politically correct directives, she finally gets her candidate for Robocop 2 and creates a superior cyborg that's homicidally hard-up for a fix.

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