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The third part of the franchise, about the red-skinned demon Hellboy. Take a look about the latest attempts to get Azzael’s beloved son back to the cinema. First of all, Hellboy is the son of a fallen angel, who has erupted to our earth from hell as a result of a mysterious ritual of German occultists. While he was a little devil, he fell into the hands of the United States, and was raised at a US military base, where he later joined the secret bureau to track and deal with paranormal phenomena. Appearance of the hero is frightening at first sight. Red skin, an invulnerable stone hand, more like a prosthesis, huge curled horns, which was cut off by himself, and a long bare tail. A typical representative of the type of demons. However, in the soul it is the bravest hero.

The story of this film will tell us about Hellboy's journey to England, where he will face the rebellious Bloody Queen. She is also known by various titles, such as Nimue or Lady of the Lake. This bloodthirsty witch is the wife of the famous sorcerer Merlin, from a semi-mythical era, the time of King Arthur. Even then, the queen worshiped Ogdru Jahazh, it is being, which according to legend was destined to start the end of the world. But the other witches, frightened by her possible power, conspired and killed Bloody Queen, scattering after her remains all over the planet. They probably greatly underestimated all its power, because Nimue had found a way to return to life, and was finally ready to make her Apocalypse plan real. And there is a theory that the mysterious Hand of Destiny, that Hellboy is wearing, is included in this plan. On the one hand, the red demon needs to finally deal with the Blood Queen, and the other - carefully avoid her in order to not allow the slightest chance for their duel and not accidentally cause the end of the world. Another interesting point is the personal life, the hero will have a new beloved, owning magical abilities, which he once saved. Hellboy (2019) is online in good quality for free. Other movie: Long ShotThe Adventures of Jurassic PetThe Curse of La Llorona.

The third part of the film is formally a restart, and therefore must introduce the audience to all the key characters, including the main character. The plot of the story is based on the arch of the comics "Storm and Fury" and "Wild Hunt", and the film's rating will be raised to a dark and brutal R (18+). Enjoy watching!

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