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Actors: Eva GreenColin FarrellMichael KeatonDanny DeVito. The focus is a charming girl named Colet, who lives in a small provincial town. In the film “Dumbo,” the heroine is overwhelmed with unusual dreams, although many classmates share Colet's wishes. She intends to become an impeccable gymnast, therefore, not working hard, a long period of life is engaged in dancing and training, improving physical fitness. Becoming perfect externally, she wants to achieve perfection in the state of mind, but for this the heroine needs to find a place where she will be completely given to her beloved work. The owner of the old circus show does not have the best time, Meduchi does not know how to pay off his debts and not lose the family business. The only salvation is to come up with a new number, so the hero announces a contest in which any talented person can take part. In the hall of the circus, a large number of volunteers gathered. Gymnast decided to take a chance to pass garbage. She really liked the management, who immediately took her to work. But Meduchi's plan did not work, so he sells the business to an influential person along with the actors. The domineering and cruel man has become the new owner, so look online for what the changes in the circus will bring and how the actors will react. Other movie: The Nutcracker and the Four RealmsWonder WomanTangledPatrick

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