Genres:Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance
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Actors: Will SmithBilly MagnussenNaomi Scott. Baghdad is a marvelous city, striking in its magnificence, beauty and innumerable riches. Trade caravans laden with silks and gold flock here from all over the world, here magicians trade in the shops with magic potions, and strange carpets-planes fly across the sky. Once the sultan decided to marry his only daughter and ordered the chief minister to find a rich fiancé. The cunning and cunning vizier who planned to seize power brought his nephew, who instantly enchanted all the girls except the princess. The fact is that the beautiful Jasmine, walking through the streets, met a beautiful thief with dark hair like Baghdad night, fell in love with him, and now she doesn’t even look at other guys. The guards grabbed a daring youngster and drove into the desert, leaving to die of thirst. Fortunately, the young man was found by an ancient elder who saved him and told him about the magic lamp and the spirit fulfilling desires. Aladdin immediately went to his beloved, opened a conspiracy against the sultan and stayed in the palace. But the measured and quiet life quickly bored the hero, he languished from boredom, recalled past feats and sad. Tosca came to an end when suddenly a new dangerous enemy appeared - Shah Zaman. The young man is forced to flee in order to find a gin again, to liberate his native city and his beloved one. Other films: AnnaExtremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and VileThe Best of Enemies

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