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Actors: Zachary LeviMichelle BorthMark StrongJack Dylan GrazerLovina Yavari. The film, Shazam, tells the story of an orphan adolescent Billy Betson, who has already been to many foster families, but because of the uneasy nature of himself, he did not stay anywhere for long time. Once again, he meets his new parents and his the same age stepbrother named Freddie, who turns out to be a fan of superhero comics. The irony is that a powerful and fair wizard, named Shazam, considered Billy as worthy and endows boy and gives him an incredible power of six legendary heroes and gods of antiquity. The boy only needs to say the name of the magician in order to turns into an adult superhero, but with the child's mind.
The dream of all children came true for this student, but Billy even did not know how to deal with the received abilities, because the sorcerer did not focus on the details of abilities. Two brothers with the recklessness, inherent in children, begin experimenting to discover new crazy superpowers, and there is no need to search for a reason for their use, because humanity is in mortal danger. Insane psychopath, Tadeus Sivana, who have a doctoral degree, with his disastrous technologies set out to bring the world into the abyss of chaos. Now our hero has to demonstrate all the chips and tricks with which he was given. The magician chose Bill from millions of people that means he deserves to bear this heavy and responsible burden.
Let's watch for free this adventure and fantasy film, Shazam!! Movie of 2019 online in HD. Enjoy watching! Other movie: ClaraEscape RoomIOVenomAnt-Man and the WaspHome.
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