19 Dec 2018 Release
$ 160 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Countries:USA, Australia
10 Votes

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Arthur Curry was born into the family of the lighthouse keeper Tom Curry and his wife, Atlanta. Ever since childhood, Arthur was surprised that he could spend hours under water and not experience discomfort, swim at great speed, and telepathically communicate with sea creatures. His abilities were manifested not only under water, but also on land, where he demonstrated great strength.When his mother was dying, she told him the truth: it turned out that she was the Queen of Atlantis, but she was in exile and had to live on earth as an ordinary person. All of Arthur's abilities were transferred to him from his mother. She predicted a great future for him, saying that one day he would become the ruler of the seven seas. And she was not mistaken: after Arthur's father helped him learn how to manage his abilities, Arthur became a superhero - Aquaman and Lord of the Ocean. Thanks to his abilities, he was able to help people, and also fight with his numerous enemies, which he, like any superhero, had a lot. Subsequently, Aquamen joined the League of Justice along with other heroes, in order to protect them from the forces of evil with them.

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