6.3 IMDb
3 Oct 2015 Release
$ 58 000 000 Budget
Genres:Adventure, Comedy, Family
Countries:USA, Australia
19 Votes

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Zak is a young guy who moves with his parents to a small provincial town. On the first day, he meets his charming neighbor Hanna and her very strange father, Robert Stein. One late evening, the guy becomes a witness of how the neighbor is arguing with his daughter. He decides that the girl is in danger and is sent along with her friend to help. In the house they find a lot of books, on each of which there is a strange lock. Having opened one of them, the guys let loose the terrible monster that was imprisoned in the book. It turns out that Robert is a famous writer and author of the popular series for teenagers "Goosebumps." But most importantly, all the monsters from his works are real, so he writes his books to lock the monsters on their pages. But now, through the recklessness of the guys, all the monsters were at liberty, and the main characters have to do everything possible to imprison them back into books ...

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