Every Day

6.4 IMDb
21 Feb 2018 Release
$ 4 900 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Romance
32 Votes

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Ghost A is stuck on the ground and every day gets into the body of a new person. He can not do anything about it, because this process can not be controlled. Most often, the ghost settles into the bodies of adolescents who find themselves in the vicinity. Once he meets a charming sixteen-year-old girl, Rhiannon, and she has feelings for him. Now he is trying to do everything possible to constantly be next to her. Every day he appears before his beloved, but in a different guise. One day he confesses to her everything that is happening, but she can not believe that such a thing is possible. Over time, Rhiannon is convinced that this is true. From now on she tries to do everything possible to stay with him ...

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