6.6 IMDb
18 Mar 2017 Release
$ 58 000 000 Budget
Genres:Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
18 Votes

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Actors: Jake GyllenhaalRebecca FergusonRyan Reynolds. One of the regular rovers, sent to Mars for finding life there, comes on board the spacecraft. Team members experience a sense of joy when they learn that the rover has managed to obtain a single-celled creature on the planet that, in their opinion, will be the proof of the existence of life on Mars. But soon the joy is replaced by fear and fear for one's own life. Instead of delivering the creature to Earth, the ship's crew have to do everything possible to avoid this. And all because the one-celled creature had a mind. Other movie: The NunJeepers Creepers IIIBoarThe Purge: AnarchyHome.

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