7.6 IMDb
19 May 2015 Release
$ 30 000 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Crime, Drama
25 Votes

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Main actor: Emily BluntJosh BrolinBenicio Del ToroJon BernthalJeffrey Donovan. At the border between the States and Mexico, there has always been a war. Uninhabited outskirts - an ideal place for drug dealers. An FBI officer, a girl named Kate, serves in this place. Once she managed to turn complicated operations and arrest large gangs of pushers. The girl has created an impeccable reputation for herself. But times change, smugglers become smarter. The authorities more and more failed. Once Agent Meiser had a chance to improve the situation. The fighter receives an offer to become one of the professionals of a large squad. The leader appoints an experienced businessman Greifer. A man sees in a fragile lady a huge potential and has high hopes for her. A team of specialists is sent to a new case. They are sent to help one Mexican consultant. The army arrives in the city of Juarez, where large cartels of traders rule. Gradually, the girl begins to understand that she got into someone's game. She decides to figure it out on her own. However, her plans are suddenly crumbling. Now she has only one goal - to survive at any cost. She is forced to neglect personal principles and forget about the rules to save her life and return home unscathed. Other movie: Den of ThievesBoyka: Undisputed 4Ghost in the ShellCity of LiesMilk and Honey: The Movie. Enjoy watching Sicario online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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