7.0 IMDb
14 Dec 2016 Release
$ 110 000 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
13 Votes

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A fantastic adventure melodramatic story called "Passengers", which each of you can watch online on our website, will not leave without proper impressions any of our esteemed users. The film's events unfold in the future, when it was not so easy to live on the planet Earth, and people began to look for ways to relocate to another planet. The spacecraft was inhabited by more than five thousand people, and now it is directed to a remote planet, where all these people will have to realize a new society. The path is not close, because all five thousand were immersed in an artificial dream. And all would be nothing, but there was a failure in the system, due to which two passengers, namely, Aurora and Jim wake up. They understand that this incident has happened, since they are still flying for a long ninety years to a new house, but it is not possible to get back to sleep in a dream, and, apparently, they will die of old age on this space ship. Soon, the boys begin a romantic relationship, and the situation is a little easier. But soon the ship begins to be in danger, and the main characters are the only ones who can save all the other members of the expedition.

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