Forever My Girl

6.7 IMDb
16 Jan 2018 Release
$ 5 500 000 Budget
Genres:Drama, Music, Romance
40 Votes

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Actors: Alex RoeJessica Rothe. Liam Page is a country musician. With his performance he managed to conquer millions of people. Now Liam enjoys high popularity. He has money, fame and unlimited possibilities. One day he comes to the sad news of the death of a close friend. Liam can not ignore the death of a friend and decides to return to his native land. True, it is difficult for him to take such a bold and desperate step, because eight years ago he left his beloved Josie at the altar, preferring her career. Since then, Liam has rethought a lot. He does not consider his act masculine. And feelings for Josie during the absence only intensified. Finally, he realized that he truly loved only her. The hero wants to come and take his beloved with him. But while he still does not know that Josie has a seven-year-old daughter. While he traveled around the cities on tour, the houses had lost the habit of him. Now Liam will have to try hard to build a relationship with his father, Josie ... and his own daughter. Other movie: Den of ThievesJungleLogan. Enjoy watching Forever My Girl online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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