Get Out

7.7 IMDb
23 Jan 2017 Release
$ 5 000 000 Budget
Genres:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
14 Votes

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Actors: Daniel KaluuyaCatherine KeenerBradley Whitford. Hesitantly, Chris Washington, a young African American talented photographer, and his white girlfriend Rose Armitage prepare for a weekend in Lake Pontaco to meet with her parents who are completely unaware that their daughter's sweetheart is black. After all, it has been already five months together, so what could be better than meeting with Mrs Armitage, a psychiatrist who specialises in hypnosis, and Mr Armitage, a neurosurgeon, surrounded by black servants in the total privacy of the magnificent, yet, secluded estate in the woods? Gradually, as the friendly and polite ambience gives way to an indistinguishable, rather unrecognisable threat, the unsettling mood coupled with sheer dread will quickly disturb the family's tranquil facade. What could the Armitages be hiding, and moreover, why is there an off-limits, locked room that leads to the basement? Other movie: MaraBoarding SchoolUnsaneCult of ChuckyHome. Enjoy watching Get Out online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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